hame  (n.)  Old English, Welsh, Old French, Middle Dutch, Germanic for Home

To settle, dwell, be home.
Derivatives include home, hangar, and situate.
1. a. home, from Old English hm, home; b. Niflheim, from Old Norse heimr, home; c. haimish, from Old High German heim, home; d. hame, from Middle Dutch hame, hame (< “covering”); e. hamlet, from Old French ham, village, home; f. haunt, from Old French hanter, to frequent, haunt, from Germanic *haimatjan, to go or bring home; g. hangar, from Old French hangard, shelter, possibly from Germanic *haimgardaz (*gardaz, enclosure; see gher-1). a–g all from Germanic *haimaz, home.

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(also name given by locals to their home planet, Trantor... see: Foundation Trilogy, by Isaac Asimov)

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